Energy Medicine Yoga: A Five Star Life!

Everyone asks me all the time: What exactly is Energy Medicine Yoga?

For the longest time I didn’t have an answer. I mean, I created this, I’ve been teaching it for years, and practicing it for years. It isn’t like I don’t know what EMYoga is. Its that it has been very difficult to describe or explain it in easy ways.

My mentor and friend, Leslie Hoffman, of the New York Open Center, exhorted me to find a way to make my message simpler.

The truth is: I believe it actually is very simple to be healthy. So it shouldn’t be hard for me to explain how.

My second book, The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription, will be published this September. It was written to be a comprehensive guide to health and healing anything that ails you. Nothing like taking on an easy topic!

And though the book is thorough, extensive, and truly comprehensive, it really is about how simple it is to achieve and maintain health.

The things we need for a healthy life are clean food, clean water, clean environment. Once we have those we can move on to the higher desires of life, creativity, joy, connection.

The problem we face in our world is that nowadays we have to strive extra hard to find those simple things. Our grandparents never heard of ‘organic’ food, because it was all organic. Now we have to fight to keep chemicals off our plates, our bodies, our clothing, our air, our building supplies, our cleaning supplies. On and on is the list of things we now have to fully research so we are not inadvertently opening ourselves up to the slew of problems that we, in our rush of progress, have created.

So….again…what is Energy Medicine Yoga?

It is a simple, integrated way to bring balance, health and joy to your life. That’s it! And it really is simple!

We all want a five star life. Everything going along smoothly and well. So how do we achieve that?

This Friday, at 6pm, I’ll be Live with Sounds True talking about magic, and how to bring that into your life. Its easier than you think, and it holds the underpinnings to bringing the elusive balance into your life.

Then in April, I’ll be interviewed by Dondi Dahlin, author of the amazing book, The Five Elements. As part of The Shift Network Energy Medicine Summit, we’ll talk about the Five Elements in healing and in EMYoga and how simple it is to weave in powerful healing tools into your existing yoga practice.

That’s what EMYoga is. Simple tools. No more time than you already give to your physical practice. I developed these techniques over many years, but they came together as a system when I was teaching yoga at Norwich University, the oldest, private, military college in the country. These students have no extra time in their days. Many of them sleep 4 or 5 hours a night while taking on incredibly demanding academic and military responsibilities. So I wanted to give them tools to make their lives easier, more integrated. To find ways to create more time, sometimes out of thin air, to make their days feel more expansive. And it worked!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your life, there really are simple things you can do to give yourself more space, more time, more freedom.

Energy is the underlying principle of everything, so getting your own energy to work for you is the number one priority to health.

Lets start here:

Thump your chest like Tarzan.
March in place and hit your same hand to knee for ten times. Then march in place and hit your opposite hand to knee ten times.

There. You just jump started your energy and got it to cross over. Those are the two most healthy patterns of energy in the body. And it is really that simple to do.

Do those two things every day for a while and notice if anything else in your life shifts.

And we’ll keep this conversation going…..