2018 Minneapolis Yoga Conference

The Minneapolis Yoga Conference is an exploration of what yoga is. It is designed to serve the community not as a proclamation of answers, but instead as an unending set of questions. Our primary aim is to explore the practice of yoga in an open, welcoming space for everyone in the yoga community. We embrace and celebrate the different and unique perspectives across the wider yoga community, so that together we can feel can feel a unity that is all too often missing. We are a conference that accepts, embraces and celebrates everyone for exactly where they are in their yogic journey, no matter where they are.

Book Reading and EMYOGA Classes New York City

Please join us for a book reading and workshop with Lauren Walker at The Open Center in New York City.


  • Friday November 3: Book Reading 7-9pm
  • Monday November 6: Intro to Energy Medicine Yoga 6:30-8:30pm
  • Tuesday November 7: EMYOGA Immersion Class 10am – 5pm
  • Energy Medicine Yoga Book Release Tour

    Lauren’s second book is on shelves worldwide September 1st and she will be on the West coast and in select locations in Colorado to teach and connect!

    “Why Iceland?” You May Be Asking

    WHY ICELAND? If you’ve heard the calling, heard the nudge to go on a Mystical Journey, I invite you to join me… Iceland is one of those places that somehow got wedged into my unconscious mind and has become a place I must visit. I’ve seen the pictures of the crazy Northern Lights, the gorgeous waterfalls, the ocean cliffs. I’ve read about the energy infrastructure where greenhouses dot the landscape, natural geo-thermal activity heats the country, and hot springs abound. I’ve listened to Bjork. But that can’t explain it all. Not really. As a traveller of the world, I pay …

    DailyOM Online Class

    Lauren Walker joins DailyOM.com to bring you an 8 week course NOW LIVE!

    “Energy is all there is” – Albert Einstein
    Energy is the underpinning reality of everything. In this course you will learn how you can harness your own energy to serve you in a myriad of ways. Stop rowing upstream against your own energetic currents. Learn the easy rules and regs of energy and watch your life transform!
    – Do you want to understand Energy?
    – Do you want to understand how Energy works in Yoga?
    – Do you want to have the tools and skills to affect your Energy for increased healing, strength, joy and peace?
    – How often have you said: I wish I had time to go to yoga class. I wish I knew how to create my own personal practice.

    Energy Medicine Yoga: A Five Star Life!

    Everyone asks me all the time: What exactly is Energy Medicine Yoga? For the longest time I didn’t have an answer. I mean, I created this, I’ve been teaching it for years, and practicing it for years. It isn’t like I don’t know what EMYoga is. Its that it has been very difficult to describe or explain it in easy ways. My mentor and friend, Leslie Hoffman, of the New York Open Center, exhorted me to find a way to make my message simpler. The truth is: I believe it actually is very simple to be healthy. So it shouldn’t …