EMYOGA Workshop at 1440 Multiversity

EMYOGA Workshop at 1140 Multiversity: The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription “An Inner Journey”. In this experiential workshop (based on the book by Lauren Walker) we will deepen our self-knowledge, leading to the transformation of body, mind and spirit. Each of us is governed by one of the Chinese Five Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth or Metal. This element is the filter through which we operate in our lives. Everything we do is refracted through the lens of our element.

Over these five days you’ll learn how your element affects you, and how to bring all five elements into balance for optimal health and resilience. You’ll come away with a daily practice and tools geared specifically for you, helping you heal and thrive in of every area your life. You’ll understand the power of your emotions, and the role they play in your physical, mental and spiritual health. On top of this, you’ll regain pleasure in your life; in magic and joy … The thrill of being in this incredible body.

EMYOGA Workshop at Omega

Energy Medicine Yoga Workshop at Omega: Learn, experience and practice the art of energy in action. Learn basic techniques to balance the endocrine system, strengthen the immune system, detoxify the body, and special practices for keeping yourself young as you age. The conscious use of energy in the body can produce what some call miracles because everything around us speaks in energy. When you learn the language of the energy body every part of you responds, like a plant, reaching toward the light. Healing, thriving, manifesting, living to your fullest! These are some of the results you can expect to gain, just by dipping your toe into this powerful current.

“Why Iceland?” You May Be Asking

WHY ICELAND? If you’ve heard the calling, heard the nudge to go on a Mystical Journey, I invite you to join me… Iceland is one of those places that somehow got wedged into my unconscious mind and has become a place I must visit. I’ve seen the pictures of the crazy Northern Lights, the gorgeous waterfalls, the ocean cliffs. I’ve read about the energy infrastructure where greenhouses dot the landscape, natural geo-thermal activity heats the country, and hot springs abound. I’ve listened to Bjork. But that can’t explain it all. Not really. As a traveller of the world, I pay …